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Bearded Watch: crypto Watch – 20200220


Operation suggestion: reduce the spot price in case of high price and prevent the expectation of head, shoulder, top and M.

the position will follow the trend and absorb in a low way.

The top is not cast in one day.

Whether the reversal is determined not by where the fall is, but by where the rise is not.

Pay attention to the relay opportunity of eth4-5, clear the stock in early March, and start the drift mode.

Camille on fintech Connie.

22 get up and make a second meal – the main players still have a dumpling filled with leek


Just like yesterday’s restocking before going to bed, BTC’s shrinking volume rose in the early morning, and immediately came a waterfall close to the level of a thousand knives.

The dumplings filled with leeks are still fragrant~ After this large-scale decline, BTC did not rebound as strong as before, but took a weak flag shape of decline, which shows the weakness of long in the short term, but any market is not achieved overnight.

It needs leeks to finish the chips in hand again, that is to say, time changes space.

One thing we need to pay attention to is that BSV did not follow the fall, and we need to pay attention to whether the energy price of BSV is synchronized At the same time, the rise of the market and leek speculation enthusiasm.

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